I am finally joining the blogosphere and putting my two cents in.  Somedays it may be three cents, somedays it may be only a piece of fuzzy lint from my pocket.  I feel like everyone else has such great stuff to say and some of it is even worth reading.  So I thought I would join the conversation.  I can’t promise anything mind-blowing but occasionally you might find some treasure worth remembering, re-reading or copying. I love taking pictures although I do not consider myself a photographer and these images may find their way to this site.  I might also post pictures of my three dimensional pieces if they seem to be worth sharing here.  But mostly, I want to record my thoughts on philosophy and art and how I see the two intertwine to create my life.Image

I’m around three years old in this picture.  I still enjoy a plate of food and a cold glass of milk.  My “dining table” was the piano bench in the living room, a place of great happiness and also great frustration.  I have wonderful memories of standing around the piano singing Christmas carols, and sitting on the bench listening to the adult conversation during a gathering after church.  But I also remember how excruciating it was to sit at the piano and try to play something, knowing my father was lying on the couch right behind me and  would notice every mistake.  Very nerve-wracking for a little girl.  Today, my piano is up in my studio, away from anyone who can hear me.  I can finally enjoy making noisy music with a multitude of wrong notes.  It’s quite liberating.  Whenever anyone asks if I play the piano I say “Only for myself”.  Sometimes creativity is not to be shared with anyone else.

5 thoughts on “Introduction.

  1. “sometimes art is not to be shared…”
    This is the truest statement I’ve heard in a while. I always find it curious how few people understand this one.

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