I used to have a studio in an industrial park.  My neighbors were people who worked their butts off, often from early in the morning to late afternoon.  I felt kind of funny showing up at my studio for only a few hours, like I was just playing at work.  What I didn’t realize then and I am just starting to understand now is that an artist’s work looks different than other people’s work.  Unlike most people, I don’t leave my work at work, I live my work. I am not always on my feet welding, I am not always drawing, I am not always making something out of clay.  My work includes much more than that and often it is unseen by others.   So this afternoon I started to make a list of what my everyday job includes:

(please note, this list is by no means complete)

  • thinking
  • reading
  • writing
  • looking at art
  • listening to music
  • questioning the norm
  • wondering why
  • walking
  • taking a yoga class
  • staying physically and mentally healthy
  • petting dogs and cats
  • throwing a ball repeatedly
  • making where I live a haven
  • learning new stuff
  • pondering the ways of human beings
  • laughing
  • connecting with friends and family
  • cooking good food
  • eating good food
  • drinking good wine
  • observing clouds, birds, flowers, children, goats, horses, rainbows………..
  • wondering how things work
  • taking pictures of things around me
  • planting
  • weeding
  • watering
  • mulching
  • finding humor in everyday life
  • noticing things that are out of the ordinary
  • telling stories without words
  • listening to my muse
  • being quiet long enough to know what direction a sculpture is going

and, in general,

  • living my art

So all of these things are not distractions from my work, they are my work.  They are what fuel me and keep me focused.  They are the things that keep me open to creating whatever I need to create.  And I won’t ever take them for granted or devalue them.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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