Yup, it’s Christmas.

My Christmas season is not complete without hearing Amahl and the Night Visitors by Gian-Carlo Menotti.  I remember singing all the parts, playing the recorder (for Amahl’s flute) and dancing in front of the big bay window to the music in our house at least once a year when I was growing up.  It’s the one opera that makes my dad cry. (Neither of us are fans of serious opera…too screechy for my tastes.)  I cry and get chills from the beauty and power of the mother’s voice combined with the kings’.   I have the original recording which I think I saw on TV when it was first broadcast.  It is a portal to the past as well as a way to plant myself in the here (hear?) and now.  Because each year, it’s not officially Christmas until I hear it.  And today, it’s Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Yup, it’s Christmas.

    1. Somehow, Eloise at Christmas time brings on a whole different set of feelings than Amahl does. I miss reading her on Christmas Eve with everyone in the living room.

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