Tough day

Some days are just difficult.  Period.  Today was one of them.  After a record-breaking trip up the 95 corridor to deal with a particularly unpleasant situation, I am finally able to put the day to rest.  Imagine my delight when I was able to have brief glances of beauty throughout the day.  The first happened when my niece happened to be passing by as I left my driveway and made a heart with her hands, her daughter waved at me and her son popped his head up from whatever video game he was playing to say hi.  The next cool moment was seeing a hawk on the edge of the road eating it’s meal.  I know, that one seems a little gross but I took it as a wonderful metaphor for the situation I had to deal with.  The final image came when I was passing the reservoir north of NYC and saw the fog settling on the edge of the water.  (If I hadn’t been in such a hurry, I would have stopped to take a picture, but alas, I shall have to settle for the one in my head.)

I’m glad the day is over, but those three images will stay with me through the night.

7 thoughts on “Tough day

  1. Isn’t the resiliance of the human heart amazing. It can take a loving gesture or the beauty of Nature and use it to turn our day around and raise our spirits.

    As I drove off for a well-deserved few hours on my own I saw a rainbow. I viewed the beginnings, growth to full glorious arc and then to fade away as I finished my trek down I-40. It told me, “Everything is just fine.” What a way to end the 2 weeks I just had!

    If we notice and appreciate these wonders, the Universe puts them in front of us to help us on out journey.

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