Color for a gray day

The day is winter gray.  There is a sheen of ice on my car and the trees are dripping with the cold rain that fell overnight.  It is the end of January and I am right on track to be getting tired of the grayscale outside.  I am craving some saturated color. So I started looking through my archives and found pictures from a day spent in my friend Mary’s basement studio last year.  I was intrigued by how organized and colorful everything is, it just invites you to sit down and create something.  It also invited me to take pictures to remind me of how fun it can be to be an artist.  What other job requires you to look at colored pens, funky scissors, cool handmade paper and an assortment of pliers before you start “working”?

Click here to check out Mary’s web site to see pictures of how she uses color in her flower paintings.




8 thoughts on “Color for a gray day

  1. My basement beauty went unnoticed until you pointed it out. Thank you for making me aware of it. I have photos from my Studio Series hanging in the basement. Photos of my studio–in the studio. How weird is that.

    Can’t wait to Skype with you guys to show you what I’ve been coloring most recently–Canna leaves! Part of my Biltmore Series. It’s amazing the colors that are in cannas. Flowers seem out of place on a canna–just Too over the top! Superfluous! I’m thankful to be an artist and have an artist’s eye so that these wonders of Nature don’t go unappreciated.

  2. Appreciative of the colorful work-spaces! I’ve begun coloring tool handles and such, perhaps to brighten up the shop, but mostly so that I have an easier time finding them…
    As I carved on an otherwise grey drab day I found subtle and unexpected colors in a piece of (grey!) soapstone, turning what only had hope of becoming a dour pigeon into a preening hooded merganser.

    1. I love finding little treasures within something I am creating. I don’t like planning things too strictly for that very reason. Glad you liked the color!

  3. A lovely work room. And scissors, scissors everywhere. Now I feel better that I bought a pair of kitchen scissors because I liked their shape and colour. Haven’t used them yet!

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