dog walk

The other day it was actually balmy here in the Mid-Atlantic and I took advantage of it by going for a walk in the park with my dogs.  I was inspired by another blogger (thanks Gallivanta!) to turn around occasionally and look at what wasn’t so obvious.  Well, actually, I mostly looked at the obvious, but perhaps in a slightly different way.  And then, of course, I looked at the dogs.


(Click on the pictures to see a slideshow)



7 thoughts on “dog walk

  1. Aww; I am so happy that I inspired you 🙂 and I love this set of photos, especially the back lighting and the cemetery, and the dogs. Well, that’s pretty well all of them. I have tried taking photos when I walk the dog but, sadly ,my Jack does not sit as politely as your two lovelies.

    1. My two lovelies were pretty tired by then. Oh, and I also saw a county police car parked sideways in the parking lot (car park?) and if I hadn’t read your post the other day I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. He wasn’t looking at anything except an outbuilding. Weird.

  2. What cuties your dogs are! I always find that walking my dog allows me to slow down (she’s 13) and really appreciate the world around me in new ways too 🙂

    1. My girls are six years old and they will allow me to stop and take pictures. Ginger has limes disease and so walking is a little slower than it used to be. That’s okay, we all still enjoy it a lot!

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