Finished! (finally)

Remember those frogs that I talked about way back when?  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here for the post that I wrote.  Otherwise, just keep reading.

Yup, I’m finally finished with the wall plaques.  They came out fabulously and my customer loves them.  They will be going up on the wall of the preschool for all the kids to enjoy and touch.  It’s a weight that has lifted from my shoulders.  During the course of making them things went wrong. I fixed them and then (of course) other things went wrong.  It’s amazing that after working with a material for 20 years I am still learning (or even re-learning) about its limitations.  I forgot how careful I need to be during the firing process; all of a sudden I added two hours of repair time to the project.  I forgot that wood warps when heated and added another two hours to my project.  I tried to get it perfect, but alas, it was not to be.  Of course my definition of perfect is different than anyone else’s.  It’s a damn good thing that nobody else can see the perfect finished plaque that is in my brain.  However, the proof is in the reaction and it’s obvious that the plaques will be loved.  The best reaction was from the little girl who is legally blind and immediately felt the lizard plaque, ending up on the braille word.  Very cool.

Enjoy the pictures…

8 thoughts on “Finished! (finally)

  1. Very cool, and very beautiful. Not just the colors, but the textures everywhere, exactly what someone dependent on tactile experience needs. I especially like the “coffee bean” touch of the braille dots!

  2. Yay! They are gorgeous. I wish more people were aware of the need to satisfy our tactile senses. The reaction of the little girl to the art work and the Braille must have been so rewarding.

  3. Fantastic! Just what I’d expect from you. I felt like I was in a rain forest looking at the foliage around the frogs. And the stonework that the lizard is climbing–I could feel the heat coming off it. The lizard is just soaking up the Sun. And I agree that the plaques are tremendously tactile. what a great experience for the blind.

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