I found it!!!

Okay, if you haven’t been following this blog very carefully (and shame on you, it’s time to start), I took a picture of some egg sacs/chrysalis/unknown thingies hanging from a very strong silk thread in my neighbor’s bushes because ice crystals on them reminded me of popcorn strung on thread and garlanded around the Christmas tree (I have officially made garland a verb…alert Webster).

I started wondering what was inside of them and tried to look up various chrysalises for local moths and butterflies to no avail.  Then a lovely lady from NZ asked if it was possibly spider eggs (my original thought, but I got distracted by the really strong thread that they were hanging off of).

So after going back on the world wide WEB (get it?), I found out the answer.

They are indeed spider eggs of the Basilica Orb Weaver.  Evidently, the mother spins this amazing web, lays her eggs in a row and then weaves around them and attaches them to the top string.  As the web disintegrates during the winter, the eggs hang loose in a row…fascinating!!!  Here’s a link to a picture of the spider with the eggs.


Now I don’t have to cut it apart to see what’s inside for which I am grateful.  Not that I’m squeamish or anything.

Yup, I’m 50 years old and I still get excited when I find a really cool spider’s web full of eggs…life can’t be all bad.

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