fearless experimentation

Today’s post is all about experimenting.  For a long time I was so afraid of “modern” technology, my biggest fear being that if I pressed the wrong button EVERYTHING (including me) would instantaneously disappear into distant lands, never to be found again. Okay, this is a little bit dramatic but bear with me.  I am starting to realize that it is very difficult to make things disappear. (Although I did it this past summer by deleting things off my camera that I thought I had already downloaded only to find that they were not on my computer at all.  Sigh, a heartbreaking loss. Okay, I digress again.)  In a moment of pure curiosity (and throwing the fear of obselescence to the wind) I decided to start pushing buttons on my camera (not the delete button) and see what happened when I took a picture.  Lo and behold, interesting things happened.  So here are a couple of pictures that I took in my winter garden.  They are experiments.  They may have been cropped a little bit but other than that, there is no computer manipulation.



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