some things are free at WalMart

I generally try to stay away from WalMarts, I dislike them on so many levels.  However, sometimes they do have useful stuff and so this morning I found myself walking into the store down the road from me.  As I neared the building, this row of carts was outside.  I took several pictures but this one really spoke to me.  Perhaps because of the horizontal lines running through the frame.  I don’t know.  All I know is this picture didn’t come from China and I didn’t have to pay for it.

shopping carts
shopping carts

4 thoughts on “some things are free at WalMart

  1. That is a wonderful image; made the trip to Walmart worthwhile. We have a couple of stores here, a teeny bit like Walmart, and I made the mistake of visiting one a couple of weeks ago and I came away so cross. Cross with myself mostly for forgetting how much I dislike shopping there. A lot of aspects of the shop bother me but I think the ones that distress me the most are a) the shop must be ugly to make people think they are getting cheap products and b) the shop makes things look ugly and appear cheap in order to be our best friend who wants to help us save money.

    1. I hadn’t thought about the ugly/cheap connection but you are absolutely right. And by being our best friend, they are getting us to buy all sorts of things we don’t really need. That’s capitalism at its finest. And ugliest.

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