testing, testing

I have been asked to clarify the point of my last post, i.e. the shutter speed vs. saturation comment.  This is particularly funny considering what an amateur I am and how brain fogged I have been lately but I’ll give it a go.

Basically, this idea pertains especially well for stained glass but I will attempt to demonstrate it with the same blue bowl I used in the last post (minus the beautiful oranges which are, well, gone.)  What I did was to take the same picture using different shutter speeds ranging from 1/2 to 6.  If you look at the different pictures, you will notice the change in color, especially the color of the table. In the beginning, it is quite washed out, due to the shutter being opened for 6 seconds.  As it progresses, the colors increase until they go beyond color into darkness.  I don’t know if this is a good example but the point is to change your shutter speed until what you see in front of you matches what is on the screen after you take the picture.  Please note, I do NOT have a viewfinder on my camera and can only use a screen.  (Frustrating, but true).

Let me know if this makes sense to anyone or if I need to go back to class and learn more. And oh, BTW, the truest image is #4 (at 1 second shutter speed.)  The pictures were taken at night with an incandescent white balance.

And to all my wonderful regular readers, I am signing off for a week as I take my art-seeking self to the Caribbean to look for colorful fishes.  I will have a plethora of pix to share when I get back (I hope).

2 thoughts on “testing, testing

  1. I think my foggy brain understands that. Have a great time in the Caribbean. There will be loads of beautiful blue colour out there. Drink it up, soak it in, have fun.

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