Salt Flats

Ever wonder where the salt that is used on the roads in the winter comes from?  Well evidently, if you live in Canada, it comes from Bonaire.  Water is let in to the salt flats, and then allowed to evaporate, leaving the salt and other minerals.  The salt is then piled up, put on ships and carried off to Canada.

One day we drove around the south side of the island where the salt flats are.  I did not see any large flamingoes while I was there, but I have heard that they love to eat the creatures that live in the salt flats and hang out there regularly.

The color of the water in the salt flats is different than the ocean.  (See the previous post.)  I would look to the right at the deep aqua blue and turn my head and look at the light aqua blue…really cool!  There is also a rust red color that is fascinating.  For pictures of other colors on Bonaire, click on the the post called “Colors!”.


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