On our way around the southern tip of Bonaire, we came across two structures that had been abandoned and had surrendered to the elements.  Perhaps it has become a photographers cliché but I was thrilled to find some amazing photo ops, especially looking through the windows.

The first structure was on the south side of the bridge that takes the salt from the salt flats to the ships that carry it across the water.  The second building was on the west side (the wild side, see tomorrow’s post).  Both were made of stone and looked like they could stand as is for eternity, but of course they won’t.  Mother Nature will see to that.


5 thoughts on “Windows

    1. Thank you! You know, I never thought to look it up. The first one was probably where the manager of the salt flats lived. Stay tuned to tomorrow’s post to learn the not-so-pretty side of the whole arrangement.

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