The Wild Side

At long last, we get to the wild side of the island of Bonaire.  What’s there?  An abandoned building (see Windows), a lighthouse, some waves crashing into the beach and a whole lot of environmental art.  I loved it.

The term “wild side” comes from the fact that even though there are fish and coral on that side of the island, you would be a fool to go in the water to see them.  Between the waves, the wind and the currents, you could get seriously maimed.  Some people have tried it, some have not survived.  It really doesn’t look that ominous but remember, there is no beach here, it’s all coral and rocks…makes for a bumpy landing if the water gets a hold of you.

We saw very few people, but lots of results of their handiwork.  Using what the ocean has offered up, they made some very grand altars.  I could have spent all day here, both making things and taking pictures of them.  However, lunch called…we moved on.

Photographer’s note:  Due to the salt spray, the lens misted up, some of these pix might be a little, well, misty.

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