What better way to end a week of posts about a Caribbean Island than to show some sunsets.  The clouds were not totally cooperative, I have yet to see a green flash (something that is on my bucket list).  However, the sunsets are still beautiful and there’s something about seeing them over water that makes them even more stunning.

It is a little weird to be posting these last pictures when I look out the window and see snow.  But I am enjoying the snow too, sledding, snowball fights, building a snowman and hot chocolate with our niece’s family.  There’s a time and a place for everything.  And if I want to go back to the island, all I have to do is close my eyes and dream.

3 thoughts on “Sunsets

  1. So tranquil even with the slightly choppy sea. The yacht was very obliging to pose so perfectly. How did you choose your vacation spot? Was this place on your bucket list?

    1. No, it is an island that my godmother has been visiting for 25 years and I thought it was about time that I joined her. I like to snorkel and it’s a really good place to do that.

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