Ex Libris

It’s finished…the sculpture that has been hanging over my head for a while.   It was, without a doubt, the most emotional creative process I have ever had, and I realized that it’s the first time that I have made something for my mother that she will never see.  (Although if I think about it, I’m sure she sees it wherever she is…and loves it.)

The art in my daily life on Friday was the look on dad’s face when he saw it for the first time.  He got this silly grin on his face and chuckled/giggled. On the elevator up to the second floor he said “It’s crazy…crazy good.” This is high praise from him. I know he really is tickled that the sculpture lives down the hall from him, and he is truly happy and proud to have named it…Ex Libris. Even though he really doesn’t remember asking me to make it last year, he is off and running with the sudden notoriety it is giving him in the retirement center. I’m pretty sure people are going to get really tired of hearing about it from him for he will have forgotten who he’s told. But it is giving him some happiness in the last years of his life.

That is what art is about.

me and my dad
me and my dad


For more images of Ex Libris, go to my website.


4 thoughts on “Ex Libris

  1. So lovely to see this and I have had another wee look at your website too. Do the small books have titles and are the big books significant,or of some relevance to your mother’s life?

  2. The small books don’t have titles, just interesting patterns and colors. I chose the big books more for the size, however, the top one is The History of Art by Janson (a bible for art history students) and the bottom on is a book on American Theater. My mother was both an artist and spent time working in theater.

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