There is no possible way to show in photographs the 360-degree beauty of the day.  It is a gentle beauty. Some leaves are still trying to decide if they want to fully extend themselves into the world, others have taken the leap.  The shade on the ground grows by the hour, preparing for the heat of the summer. Flowers on trees are appearing slowly, others have shown their beauty and have departed for the year.  The sky is that light, clear, breathtaking blue that compliments the light, clear breathtaking green of spring.  A hawk glides overhead, flaring it’s red-tail against the sun.


The sounds are those of the birds, the lawnmower, the bees in the holly tree.  No other insect sounds this early but perhaps a peeper is still finding a mate.  The starling in my gutter (grrrr) scrabbles around making it’s nest and laying the eggs to make more starlings (grrrr).  Lucy lies in wait with her ball as I walk back and forth planting flowers in the planters on the porch, her panting is as loud as the lawnmower next door.


The really odiferous bushes have not yet started, but smells of mown grass, growing grass, and the promise of lilacs waft through the air. Later, the smell of meat on a neighbor’s grill may make it’s way to our backyard.


I can feel the cool air on my skin and the warmth of the sun, they are two separate moments, soon to be melded into one moment of heat.  For now, I enjoy being able to decide which I want, and I only have to walk a few steps if I change my mind.  This is the time of year when we humbly open the doors and windows to let the air into the house, knowing that it is a gift to do so.  My feet wiggle with excitement at the freedom of walking unencumbered by the trappings of shoes. It is a joy to walk out of the house without putting a coat on.

I close my eyes and I am spring.

3 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. A lovely homage to spring and I am so enjoying the expansiveness of sky and landscape that you have captured in your photos. I wonder if you might enjoy these verses from In Praise of Air by John O’Donohue “Air; source of breath
    That enables flowers to flourish,
    And calls the dark, rooted trees
    To ascend into blossom……
    In the name of the air,
    The breeze,
    And the wind,
    May our souls
    Stay in rhythm
    With eternal

    1. I love it…thank you for sharing them with me.
      I am also aware that as I watch and become spring, you are watching and becoming autumn…it still blows my mind.

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