much mowage

Throughout the year things happen on our farm to warrant a picture or two to capture the fleeting moment.  Things like a dog in a pile of leaves, blooms on a particular tree or a snow storm of great magnitude draw me outside to take a photo.

Today’s photos are from one of those moments.  Today was lawn mowing day.  Of course this event happens quite often around here, but there are some special pictures that I captured today.  First of all, Lucy painted her paws green.

Green paws

Of course if Lucy gets attention, Ginger must as well…she’s too lazy to paint her paws green though.

me too

If you saw my last post, you got a chance to see the plethora of buttercups that dot our landscape.  So I took some pictures of the the mower after my husband painted it with buttercups.

yellow mowing deck

This last one is my favorite, I love the abstract quality of it.

abstract, mixed media

5 thoughts on “much mowage

  1. What beautiful smiley faces 🙂 Oh how i miss grass, when i go into town and smell freshly mown lawn i almost swoon….i miss my boys painting their paws with green 🙂 oh well one day…maybe we can get it to grow..until then i live vicariously…..:)

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