what I saw on my walk today

I took my camera and walked outside this afternoon.  I am continually amazed that I don’t have to go more than twenty paces to start finding interesting things to take pictures of.  My Kwanza cherry is letting go of its petals and I love seeing the blanket of them on the ground.  They are beautiful AND soft. Yes, I stepped on them with my bare feet.

They provided several minutes of intense concentration and picture taking.  I even went back out to capture a few more pictures.

on the ground
on the ground
up close
up close
with dandelion
with dandelion
adding to the ground matter
adding to the ground matter
draping across a twig
draping across a twig

I went a few more paces and came upon my neighbor’s horses, all of them fairly close to the fence by the driveway.  I’ve been wanting to try to capture them for quite some time and today was my first attempt.  I think I need more practice.

Ringo was too interested in the camera to let me get anything other than his big, fat, inquisitive nose.


Lucky was way more interested in grazing, besides the big, fat, inquisitive nose dude was in the way…he is really an attention hog.  Lucky and I only get quality time when Ringo is elsewhere.


And then there’s Mascara, the old lady of the bunch.  She is definitely the lowest on the attention totem pole, so I don’t often get any nearer than this…but I love seeing her in the field of buttercups.


I have to say that writing this blog allows me to have a good reason to take my time and find these moments so close to home.  I’ve always been fascinated with the things in my life that seem so small and yet so profound.  Thank you for sharing them with me!

10 thoughts on “what I saw on my walk today

  1. I like Mascara. Love the cherry blossoms too. I have a tree in Silver Spring and miss it. May have to get one for this house.

  2. Oh what a beautiful scene…so bright and colorful and by the way ..love a nose shot! i love taking pics of my pets noses,butt,tails etc…it’s heart warming 🙂

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