spring garden

This is one of my favorite times of year, the time when the peonies and iris come out in profusion, and I am able to start putting flowers in a vase again. There is something so wholly satisfying about being able to clip flowers and eat veggies that you grew yourself.  In true human fashion, my ego says that it all because of me, but I really know that it is the miracle of the garden, you put a seed, a rhizome or a cutting into the earth, water it, feed it and you get to enjoy the literal fruits of your labor.  It’s so cool!

I have a tendency to be drawn to color, but also to different textures and interesting leaves.  While the iris, rhodies and peonies fit the bill for color (and smell!), I love the variegated geranium for its delicate flowers and its wonderful leaves.

Now you all get to enjoy the mass of color and texture that is my garden.

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