Homage to Andy Goldsworthy

Today I was wandering around the property, checking out this and that.  The sunflowers are mostly coming up, the pears are looking good.  But the peaches?  Man, they are looking awesome.  It’s gonna be a banner year for peaches.

Ginger PeachMy dog, Ginger, is thrilled.  She loves peaches.  She is already sitting under the tree, waiting for them to get bigger and ripen.  She has been known to jump up into the tree to get the peaches.  (if you knew Ginger, you would know that it takes a lot to motivate her to do anything but lie down and digest. Jumping is low on her list of favorite activities.  But peaches are really special.)

I am getting smarter, little by little, when it comes to fruit trees.  I am of the “the least amount of work, the better” school of fruit gardening.  I did learn my lesson in the past couple of years, especially the year that was such a good harvest that the tree was bending over and touching the ground.  This year, I am plucking off the smaller buds in order to have fewer, but larger and tastier peaches.

After holding them in my hand, I thought that they deserved a little more recognition before they go in the woods…so here is my homage to Andy Goldsworthy.

4 thoughts on “Homage to Andy Goldsworthy

  1. Well you do know how to make a peach look pretty! How cute that your dog loves peaches. My dog loves apples and pears; not sure about peaches because he hasn’t been offered one.

    1. Both of my dogs adore apples. Lucy loves to use them as a ball, and then she eats them! (I’m sure there will be pix of that later in the year!) They also love watermelon and cantaloupe. Haven’t tried pears though…when they ripen I’ll have to check it out.

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