art happens

My art for the day happened so quickly I barely had time to register what it was.  I was standing in my bathroom which overlooks the garage, idly staring out the window when a bird flew into my line of sight.  It was a large bird with black and white on its wings, but I couldn’t identify it immediately until I realized that the top of the head was bright red and pointy…”Ah” I said ” a pileated woodpecker”.  It was flying low, right over the roof of the garage.  This would have been exciting enough but then…a SECOND pileated woodpecker flew right behind it.


If you know anything about pileated woodpeckers, they are not known for showing themselves, they prefer to announce themselves with their distinctive sound (and no, Woody Woodpecker is not really what it sounds like) and their loud rat-a-tat as they find food in trees.  I hear them in the woods behind the house but I very rarely see them.  I am reminded, once again, that you can find art if you just take a moment to idly stare out the window.

Hear what a pileated woodpecker sounds like.

Here are pictures of a flying pileated woodpecker.

7 thoughts on “art happens

  1. they are big too! I have seen several including one that was sitting on the ground in my old neighborhood in SIlver Spring. I nearly wrecked my car when I saw it.

  2. Beautiful photo! How lovely to have seen two of them. I have one in my garden but have never seen two at the same time. That must have been wonderful.

  3. I just listened to the calls. I hear the fast wuk call (WUKing it up?) at my house. Never knew what it was. I saw two flying Baltimore Orioles over the weekend. I was excited about that!

  4. How exciting/ inspiring. Wondering if we will see a streak of red in your new sculpture? The photos of the flying pileated woodpecker show a marked curve in the wing shape; an undulation as on a rippling ribbon.

    1. red does show up in nature awfully well, it’s possible you’ll see it somewhere in my sculptures. I’m not used to seeing the rippling ribbon shape on a wing, I think that’s what caught my eye.

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