I don’t know why I’m posting this except that it caught my eye the other day.  I am currently working with my sister on clearing out my dad’s house to sell.  He is now living in an assisted living place because his dementia was causing him to make really unwise decisions when he was living at home.  Thus, this sign at the local library just seemed, well, humorous.  I want to know what this means. Is this to find out how to have fun with people who have dementia?  How to make fun of people with dementia?  Or is it for people who have dementia to learn how to have fun, in which case do you really think they’ll remember what they’ve learned?

I was going to go to find out what it was about, but, well, I forgot.  No, not really, I was just busy.  But after having a dad with dementia, it is clear that a sense of humor is really important.

What exactly does this mean?
What exactly does this mean?









If you have any ideas for a good title, let me know!

7 thoughts on “Fun?

  1. A very strange sign. Perhaps someone was having fun with the sign and removed an o’clock or a pm from the 4 to see if anyone could remember what was there before. Or the person making the sign couldn’t remember where the pm or the o’clock letters were. In any case, a lot of fun to speculate.

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