My friend and fellow artist Melinda Byrd (of Byrdcall Studio) sent me these pictures recently after telling the story of how this black snake climbed the wall to get into her wren house.  I won’t bore you with the gory details (although it was a fascinating story) but you can see the wonderful pictures of the snake seemingly curled up on the wall.  If you look closely, it is actually hanging on one nail.  Evidently it made its way back up to the birdhouse and is sleeping and digesting the baby wren it ate.

Such is life.


Melinda's snake3 Melinda's snake2 Melinda's snake

14 thoughts on “Ssssssnake

  1. And for those who care, that snake is still sleeping off its meal inside the wren house (amber jug in photo) two days later! And bird lovers will be happy to know that I have three other bird houses on my property at this moment from which full families of House Wrens will (hopefully) soon fledge. The circle of life, as they say. It’s all good.

  2. Wow, wow, wow, wow. I love it. Well I probably wouldn’t love it on MY house. I prefer my snake sculptures inert.

  3. I just had a black snake kill a baby chick. The chick was a month old and too big for the snake to eat. So…killed, tried to eat and then gave up, leaving the poor thing.

    1. Sometimes the circle of life gets interrupted by the practical…if the food is too big to fit in your mouth and you are unable to use a knife…well…

    1. Hi, fozziemum, No worries about this nonvenomous snake. Sure they eat birds when they can, but lots of mice, too. I welcome them around my yard. Occasionally they get in the house or studio, but I just gently carry them out without making abrupt moves or startling it. They are generally very passive, but will bite it they think you are trying to harm it. The bite is scarier than it is dangerous–a kitten bite is much more dangerous! I’ve handled hundreds and never been bitten….because I move faster than they do! 😉

      1. I agree they are great at rodent control..our snakes are not so nice..beautiful but very aggressive and even our ‘snake handler’ gets a right sweat up when we get him out to move one! we seem to have the deadliest everything down here hahahah 🙂

    2. Yes, you live in a country that has the majority of poisonous insects and reptiles. I can understand your respect for them. I would too, if I lived there, especially in the outback.

      1. We are in a rural area not so much Australian outback,we still have quite a range of nasty critters though and respect is always in mind! The amount of people who die from carelessness around these creatures is amazing..not me healthy respect!! 🙂

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