Fly, catch, eat.

Today is Independence Day in the United States of America.  I am so blessed to be able to live where I live and enjoy it the way I do.  Independence Day to me is not just freedom from tyranny, but freedom as a woman to make the choices I want to make.

I can vote.

I can choose what to wear on a daily (and hourly) basis.

I can choose whether or not to be religious and how to incorporate it into my daily life.

I can create great things out of steel and lightning.

I can travel to other countries and share in their culture.

I can drive myself anywhere at any time.

I can stand on my head in a public place.  (Well, it would hurt a lot and I would be cripple afterwards, but nobody would arrest me, unless I showed more of my anatomy than people wanted to see.)

I can choose to have children…or not.

I can express my opinions, even if they are counter to everyone else’s opinion.

I can get a Master’s degree…or two or three.

I can write whatever I want.

I can stand on a beach, a mountain, a prairie, a desert, a swamp, a highway, a country road or a skyscraper and never leave my country.

I can call or write my politicians and complain.

There’s so much more that I can do because I live in this country, I can’t even begin to see the end of the list.  But I want to leave you with one last thing that I can do on this day of Independence.  Because I am fortunate enough to live on a farm, I can watch the swallows catch all the bugs that the lawnmower kicks up.  I don’t have the freedom to fly, catch and eat, but I can marvel at the grace of these incredibly fast birds, as they revel in eating the food that leaps into their mouths.

I hope you enjoy this video as well.  Happy Independence Day!


Update…My apologies, I accidentally made the video private…I have corrected this and you should be able to see it now.

2 thoughts on “Fly, catch, eat.

  1. A wonderful tribute to Independence and a delightful video. Love the participation of your dogs and I am admiring the swallow like actions of the lawnmower extraordinaire 🙂

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