studio tour

We interrupt the regularly scheduled program on Barcelona to talk about my studio tour tomorrow.  I have invited the Potomac chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects to come visit the studio and walk around the grounds and see my sculptures and my gardens.  When we moved into this house seven years ago, I started on a journey to create gardens around the property.  I have to say that they’ve never looked better.  This year, with the help of my gardening assistants Julio and Noel, I am finally seeing all the hard work come together.  So now I feel comfortable showing off the gardens and my sculptures to people who do this for a living.  Crazy?  Perhaps.


This morning, after finishing up all the weeding and watering, I went out to take pictures.  Once again, I was struck by how ridiculously easy it is to take amazing pictures with a camera.  I put it on automatic everything, simply because my camera does not have a viewfinder and I can’t see anything when I am outside.  And so basically I pointed and shot without knowing what I was going to end up with.  And here are some of the results.


Wish me luck!!! 

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