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I seem to be “otherwheres” these days.  This means that I do things like leave the house to go shopping, lock the door and get halfway down the walkway before I realize that I have forgotten to put on any shoes.  I find it difficult to converse, people ask me simple questions and my mind goes blank.  Usually I think “Oh, God…they expect an answer…come on brain…WORK!!!”  I am incapable of making decisions in a timely manner, I was halfway through the store before I figured out what I am serving for dinner tomorrow and had to backtrack three times to get items I didn’t know I needed when I passed them the first two times.  (The good news is that I got my exercise by walking through the store an equivalent of three times!)

So today’s post is going to wander aimlessly.  It’s also not for the faint of heart, showing pictures of spiders and dead things.  If you are squeamish, I totally understand if you don’t want to continue reading.

First I want to express my gratitude to for nominating me for the Liebster Award.  It’s my first award and now I don’t feel quite so left out of the “in” crowd.  However, while I am honored to be nominated, I think I can put my limited blogging time to better use by actually blogging than by playing the award game.

That being said, onto other business.  Here are some pictures of the last couple of days…

I saw the sky the other day and as always, I am skeptical about taking pictures of it because the camera does not do it justice.  I am posting this picture though because it got pretty close to capturing the crazy different patterns that were going on.


Last night I went to get my dog Ginger (she of the ample girth) and found her with a “friend”.  She had evidently caught and killed a juvenile opossum.  I have since learned how to spell opossum.  I also found out that you can call them possums, but the real possums are only found in Australia and New Zealand and other countries in that general area.  I then had to remove said dead animal in the dark and managed to find a nice resting place for it.  I am oddly proud of Ginger, she’s not known for her hunting prowess. (And yes, I went back today and took a picture of it…I’m weird.)

Ginger's treasure
Ginger’s treasure

The other day I was walking the dogs past the miniature lilacs at the end of our driveway and sure enough, the orb weavers are busy spinning their lead lines from which to hang their egg sacs.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a picture then but today I found one closer to the house…beautiful don’t you agree?  If you want to see why I have an interest in orb weavers, check out these three posts:


what is it?

I found it!


Spider webs are prominently displayed at this time of year, especially when they are hit by the setting sun.

spider web
spider web

I have been intrigued by the leaves from one of the cherry trees that got eaten throughout the summer and left for dead.  The laciness of it is quiet charming in an odd, dead-leaf kinda way.  This one found a resting place on some forsythia leaves.

skeleton leaf
skeleton leaf

The sky is that glorious clear blue of early autumn and the red leafed Japanese maple shows up so well against it.

japanese maple
japanese maple

And finally, what post would be complete without a comment from the opossum killer’s sister?

whatcha doin'?
Lucy says “whatcha doin'”?

14 thoughts on “this and that

  1. Otherwheres is a very interesting place/space to be sometimes. The most extraordinary things happen there. In otherwheres land I try to enter my phone number in to the microwave control panel, and then wonder why the microwave doesn’t respond! I love all the lovely photos that came out of your otherwheres drift. The lacy leaf is particularly intriguing. And Ginger would be a hero dog here since possums are THE enemy. In Australia,Ginger would be in the Dog Box because possums are protected.

    1. Thanks for letting me know that the microwave doesn’t work with telephone numbers, I was bound to try that at some point! How funny that possums are protected in Australia and the enemy in NZ…Perhaps we can send some to Australia…

      1. We would love to get rid of our possums. They are devastating the native forests. When we do catch them we (general ‘we’) put their fur in to a very classy merino possum yarn which makes great sweaters, cardigans and the warmest socks and gloves. By the way, have you tried the ‘let’s open the front door by pointing the car’s remote key at the lock” ? That doesn’t work well either 🙂

        1. Oh, my I nearly fell off my chair reading your reply…you are in your own special league aren’t you? Have you left a restaurant only to realize that not only did you leave behind your credit card, but you hadn’t even signed the receipt?

  2. Looks wonderful. How frustrating it must be to want to do so many things and have to wait until they have been reconstructed. When you do make it out, make sure that you sign the credit card receipt!

      1. Pumpkin will be 9 on Halloween but has always had that white face. Markings like a raccoon. God I love her. She has dental surgery last week to remove a badly broken molar. She handled it like a champ.

        1. Dogs are better at the whole “broken body”/recovery thing than we are. I had a golden who had cancer and he handled his treatment and subsequent difficulties with such grace. It was inspiring.

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