When I was in CT last month I was walking along the bicycle/hiking path that runs behind my dad’s house (or what was his house before we sold it). There is always something beautiful to see there in any season. When the trains stopped running up that far from NYC, they took the tracks out and made a mile long path between the towns of Salisbury and Lakeville. At the point where it passes behind the house, it goes between a pond and a fairly large marsh area. Ducks and the occasional great blue heron can be seen floating on the waters, turtles lay on the tree trunks sticking out above the water, dogs run up and down the trail ahead of their owners and birds of all sorts fly around making wonderful noises in the air.

This particular day I noticed something shiny in the path ahead. It was the most gorgeous dragonfly I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it had died a tragic death and the body was bent in an awkward position. I put it on a rock to take a picture of it and to marvel at its beauty. No matter how stressed I am, I always have to take a moment to be grateful to have witnessed such a gift.

dragonfly in repose
dragonfly in repose

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