reuse repurpose recycle

As I’ve mentioned before, I have golden retrievers.  It goes without saying that I have golden retriever fur tumbleweeds.  When it’s nice outside, I will brush Ginger on the back patio and “let the fur fly”.  You can often find bits of fur throughout the garden and the patio. (Click here for the blog post that shows this.)

The other day when I was picking apples, I noticed this nest.

nest in the apple tree
nest in the apple tree

Not only did the birds repurpose the fur tumbleweeds…

dog fur reused
dog fur reused

but they found a string of plastic from a blue tarp.

blue tarp thread
blue tarp thread

This is a wonderful reason to put your camera on automatic, raise it up and shoot from an angle you can’t see.  From my diminutive height I could not see the string of blue that lines the top of the nest until I looked at this picture.

In other news, I have finished three children’s books this week and have enjoyed all of them in different ways.

The first, E.B. White’s The Trumpet of the Swan, was wonderful mostly because I listened to the author read it on a CD.  E.B. White (think Charlotte’s Web) was born in Mount Vernon, NY which is a suburb of NYC.  His thick Bronx accent and his gravelly voice made it a pleasure to listen to this lovely book. While it is somewhat dated, the themes are universal, love, friendship, perseverance and courage.

The second book was Thomas and the Dragon Queen by Shutta Crum.  It is about a boy who becomes a knight and fights monsters and dragons to save the princess. I was very impressed with how well written this tale is.  I was not surprised to find that the author is a dynamic woman who was a children’s librarian for most of her life.  You can read more about her here. My only complaint was that the illustrations by Lee Wildish did not match the visions in my head at all and made the story and characters seem a bit too childish. (Hmmm, Wildish, childish…there’s a poem in there somewhere.)

The third book was a much shorter book called The Perfect Pumpkin Pie.  Written and wonderfully illustrated by Denys Cazet, it had me laughing out loud by the third page.  The illustrations are very complex and you can see something new every time you look at it.  I am including a picture of one here so that you can enjoy it…but I highly suggest you get the book.

"The Perfect Pumpkin Pie"
“The Perfect Pumpkin Pie”

Evidently Monsieur Cazet was born in France but lives in the US and, not surprisingly, was a teacher and a librarian for many years.  Hmmmm, I am sensing a theme.

So that is my newest addition to my blog, how I find art in children’s books.  I urge you to go out and find a children’s book and read it, it might make your day less stressful!

3 thoughts on “reuse repurpose recycle

  1. Oh, clever little birds making the nest so pretty with a blue thread. I have read The Trumpet of the Swan but long, long ago. The Perfect Pumpkin Pie; complete with flies on the table 🙂 I have just reread “If You Take a Pencil” by Fulvio Testa. I still love it.

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