The other day I took my camera off of full RAW format and started playing with the macro settings again. My subject was the Dusty Miller in the planters on my patio steps. Usually by this time of year I have gotten really tired of my daily watering chores and have left nature to do it for me. The problem is that this year, after all the rain we received during the summer, we are in the middle of a mini drought.  Nature is definitely not helping with the watering chores and thus my late summer plants are not looking so good.  I noticed that without a daily watering, the Dusty Miller has started to curl up.  Looking at it through the camera lens, I was really struck by its beauty.

These pictures were taken on two consecutive days. The first two were taken in the gloaming, while I was waiting for dinner to cook.  The other two were both taken in broad daylight. With the fourth one I was playing with shutter speed and wasn’t paying attention.  Sometimes that can lead to happy accidents. Now I know how to create drama in full sunshine!

One thought on “neglect

  1. Very happy accidents. I had no idea that plant was called a Dusty Miller. I used to have it in my garden. I think it is another of the very hardy plants that I have managed to kill!

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