the power of 50 + 1

Last night I was cooking dinner and during a pause in the operation, I lifted my leg and put my heel on the counter (away from the food) to stretch out my hamstring. My husband turned around and went “Whoa!” I hadn’t even thought about it while I was doing it but I realized that it probably looked a little odd. Then I started thinking about yesterday’s post and realized that I had only told part of the story of being 51.

You see, I forgot to mention that I am actually in very good shape.  Dance, movement, walking and yoga have been part of my life since I was very little.  I am not a naturally flexible person, you won’t find me on the stage of Cirque du Soleil, but I can touch my toes and do a handstand. And yes, I can still get my foot on the counter without having to contort any part of my body. I realize that I am stronger and more flexible than most women my age or even some that are younger than me.  Thinking in these terms changed how I tackled my yoga class today. I felt more confident in all the poses and enjoyed them a lot more. Mindset makes such a difference.

(In addition I have recently lost 10 pounds and am feeling like I got my body back…but we’ll save that for another post, maybe.)

I also realized that when my sister told me “tempus fugit” she was only echoing what I mumble under my breath when I see a 20, 30 or 40-something year old dithering and wandering through their life.  (This is the moment where, if you are of that persuasion, you roll your eyes and think OMG, the old lady is trying to teach us something. And it’s the part where I declare “I’m not old, I’m well seasoned.”) Anyway, it is true that there is no way to understand what you’ve got until you don’t got it anymore. Yes, I still got most of it, but I pay more of a price than I used to.

So by telling me to get my ass in gear, my sister was in fact speaking the truth. In other words, stop worrying about whether I can and (in the immortal words of Nike) “JUST DO IT!”. If I need to, I’ll find someone to help with anything out of my reach, and then I’ll create, share, love…

You get the picture.

Upside down with Izzy
Upside down with Izzy


P.S.  This was such a fun picture to do. I had to find the right height for the camera but just as I was hitting the 10 second delay button, Izzy decided to join me…I love self timed pictures, you never know what you’re gonna get.


11 thoughts on “the power of 50 + 1

  1. Oh I love the ‘here she goes’ look that younger people give us worldly women…I just smile and think..well I have lived some tough times and done amazing things…let’s see how you guys fair in the future with your lives.The bonus is I have become invisible to the eyes of the world..meaning the pressure is off…no longer worried about making sure I am perfectly up to date fashion wise when I step out the door..i can step out as myself…I do worry that the younger ones have had such bubble wrapping that they risk falling at the first hurdle…as for being pliable..well my bod just does it’s own thing and I have to get it to catch up sometimes 🙂

    1. I’m not ready to be invisible yet, hence the 10 pound weight loss. I plan to wear a tight fitting long dress with a snakeskin design to a wedding on Friday…just because I can. Sounds a bit vain I know, but…
      I do feel for the younger crowd, they don’t know how to do much without their parents. And Starbucks.

      1. Hahaha I love being invisible..when I want to be..every other time I make sure I look a million bucks go girl I bet you will rock that sons wedding in November will be my turn..our eldest got married last year and I fumed when I read on a site somewhere that the grooms mother should turn up shut up and wear brown….I went coral colors and everyone was wrapped to see something other than black!! not vain at all..and yes these kids are a worry! I am off to the my invisible wear…in out and home ..awesome 🙂

        1. Just from reading your posts and your comments, I am pretty sure you’re not a “shut up and wear brown” kind of gal. The last wedding I went to (the one in Barcelona) the mother of the groom wore a lovely bright pink dress. Maybe I’ll blog about that!

          1. Sounds like a plan! no I am most def…not that type hahahaa…bet she read the same really irritating garbage I did….talk about sorting women out into catergories…and women are the worst at it!!

  2. Love the expression’ well seasoned’. I think, with that snakeskin design dress, you may have to add ‘hot’ to the ‘well seasoned’ :). And thanks for reminding me that my camera has a self-timer! I am off to have some fun with it.

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