Garden colors

I’ve done too much talking (or writing) in the past few posts…so just enjoy the pictures I took in my garden today…peonies, wild daisies, St. John’s Wort and grasses are all closing up for the winter months. (If winter ever comes, it’s 85 degrees here today. Ugh.) I’ve also included a picture of next year’s crop of Orb Weaver spiders.

4 thoughts on “Garden colors

  1. Beautiful photos. Autumn is my favorite season (well, Winter, Spring and Summer are delightful too!). The Autumn colors are so special though as are the transformations that occur. I hope your days start to cool soon.

    1. Thank you. I think Autumn colors are often much more subtle in their brilliance, we are distracted by the fall foliage and don’t see see the detailed disintegration.

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