No pictures please

I have no pictures tonight. I have no thoughts, my brain is seemingly already on vacation. I leave for Key West tomorrow (blisteringly early) and I have used up any brain cells that I had on packing.

I leave behind the messiest of studios (definitely no pictures of that) and a billion and one directions I could go in with my baskets. I am at the stage on one of them where I must pull out every single piece of ribbon, yarn and fabric to see if any of them will work with the silly color I chose to spray paint the spines. I may have to admit defeat and go in another direction altogether but eventually something will pull it all together.  Then, watch out, I will not be available until it’s done. (Wait, I just had a flashback of my grandmother telling me “don’t say I’m done say I’m finished”. Whatever.) Needless to say, part of me doesn’t want to leave but the sane, rational part says “GO!” I know I need a mental break. A break will help me to see the pieces with fresh eyes…and to trust that the creative process will work its magic…and to have patience…yeah right…that’s not gonna happen any time soon.

Now I must FINISH this post and FINISH packing and put my beleaguered brain to bed so I can hop out of bed all fresh and beautiful…ach, who am I kidding?  I will doubtless sleep about 15 minutes tonight, and drag myself out of bed all bleary eyed…no pictures of that either please.

See you in a few days…


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