I just got back from Key West, Florida.  If you are not familiar with this southern-most tip of the continental US, it is the last island of an archipelago that drips off the southern tip of Florida between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. It is 2 miles by 4 miles and is an awesome place to see sunrises AND sunsets over water.  Since I couldn’t find my way out of bed for the former, I OD’d on the latter.  Of the five nights we were there, we took time on three of them to watch the sunset from various places around the island. Sunset was around 7:00 p.m.

The first night was from Mallory Square which is notorious for pulling in huge amounts of people to watch the sunset.  Fire swallowers, musicians and artists all vie for the attention of the happy people. I should mention that Key West is also known for the ease with which one can get drunk at any given time. This makes for happy people…sometimes overly so.

The second night we went on a sunset cruise. This sunset was different because of the clouds, they didn’t produce rain, but I thought they made the sunset more dramatic.  Sometimes I like that drama. The cruse itself was worth the price of admission, a catamaran that took us up and down the west side of the island (and served…you guessed it, booze!). It was a lot of fun to share this experience with all of our friends.

The third night we rode bikes out to the southern end of the island to the State Park to watch the sunset from there.  This was probably the best one of them all, and I had fun taking a series of pix.  I will not bore you with all of them but suffice it to say, it was gorgeous.

I think sunsets over water are a magical thing to experience.


Don’t forget you can click on a picture to see the slideshow…

3 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. Awesome pictures Virginia. I’m especially fond of the sailboat as seen through a rock (or were you playing with filters?) because it looks like our red-sailed ship!

    1. Thanks Mo. That was the tree and the rock AND the red sailed ship…and didn’t I tell you that you wouldn’t see the cruise ship in the shot? I knew all we would see was the outline of the sailboat.

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