Tree House

Okay, I can’t stand it anymore…I have to share my newest piece with all of you.

It’s called Tree House and it seemed to take forever to finish, probably because I had to weave, unweave, weave, unweave…you get the picture.

So here’s a sneak peek, for the whole piece run, don’t walk, over to my website!!!


Tree House, door view.
Tree House, door view.

10 thoughts on “Tree House

  1. I’m back. Love your tree house. I feel so lucky that I had a tree house when I was little. It wasn’t as interesting, though, as the one you have sculpted, woven and welded.

    1. Ooooh, you are lucky! Tree branches get so uncomfortable after a while but there is no better place to hide from the world than in the branches of a very leafy tree.

      1. YES; our tree house was in a tree called Pride of India and the tree had beautiful pale purple flowers. Underneath the tree house and around the base of the tree was a sand box.

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