ladybug day

Yesterday seemed to be a ladybug day. At this time of year, in this neck of the woods, ladybugs are drawn to warm buildings to nest until next year. Unlike the dreaded stink bugs, ladybugs are cute, little and make no smell. It is fun to look at all the different ones, I had no idea that some have spots and some don’t.

no spots
no spots

Yesterday was also trash day. This probably shouldn’t excite any of you (unless you are a somewhat off the wall South African lady who like to dress up to take the trash out) but for me it was a big day. You see, it was the first day of my penance for losing the weight-loss battle that my husband and I had set for ourselves. He (being a guy) seemed to slough off the 15 pounds with very little effort, and I (being a girl on a certain medication) trudged slowly to 10 pounds and stayed there. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that my husband has become svelte(r) and that I have lost a certain roundness to my frame. But taking out the trash is not my idea of fun. (I suppose that was the point wasn’t it?)

For us, taking out the garbage involves more than just rolling a trashcan to the curb. Our house is 1/4 mile from the road so the trashcan has to be hoisted into the back of the truck, driven out to the end of the driveway and dropped back on to the ground. Only then can you roll it to the, um, well, we don’t have a curb, we live in the country so it gets rolled onto the grass by the side of the road. Recycles get put out at the same time. Fortunately all of them can go in the same container so there is no pre-sorting. Today, the process will be reversed, although occasionally I take the dogs for a walk to get the mail and bring the can back on foot.

Do I sound like I am whining? That’s about right then. I am spoiled. I sometimes help with this task but most often, the trash magically disappears every week and I have not lifted a finger to help. I have only three more weeks of this and then I can go back to being a (thinner) princess.

Before I go, I will tell you that yesterday I also added pictures of the second basket onto my web-site,  I’d love to hear your feedback if you get a chance to view it. It will be a while before the third one gets finished, it involves sewing and I feel about sewing the same way I feel about…you guessed it, taking out the trash.

16 thoughts on “ladybug day

  1. We have a flurry of Ladybugs here too..if I find them when I am weeding I pop them on my roses on Aphid ones yellow ones never saw a bug without spots for the trash..i hear you….back of the car the damn things go..wrenching your for a ours is an extended drive as the garbos can’t get through due to our bridge being re-done…and possibly never being finished…..damn annoying..the road we use now is rutted badly from the detour’s a matter of time until said bins go ass up and spread their gifts everywhere in the car…joys of living semi off the grid hey 🙂 will pop over after brekky and have a peek ! Hugs Fozziemum x

    1. ach, girlie…you make me laugh. Yes, living off the grid has blessings and not-so-blessings. Fortunately, we are not so far off the grid that I can’t make it to the big box hardware store in five minutes. I don’t think I could survive otherwise.

      1. Hahaah us to..well almost..10 minutes to shops..the good hardware place 30 mins..but worth it for the sausage sizzle on the weekends god what a tragic I am..must away shopping and picking the bins up..least if they go ass up it’s just the bin juice to deal with ewwwwwww.

  2. I didn’t know there were ladybugs without spots – I’ve only seen the ones with spots on them. I will be on the lookout for the spotless ones now.

    I love your new basket. The use of twine is particularly fascinating and unexpected; it adds an unexpected warmth (I’m not sure that’s the word/feeling I’m looking for). I also love the height of the rods – a wonderful juxtaposition to the “warmth” of the twine. Looking forward to seeing the third one!

    1. the third one will be VERY different…lots of color and “regality”…at least I hope so. I know what you mean about this basket though, reminds me very much of sweaters and rugs that were popular in the sixties…wool, but very warm and fuzzy.

  3. I have very few lady bugs in my garden. I can’t wait till they appear so I can try and identify what type it is. You seem to have a polished lady bug and perhaps an Asian lady bug. What do you think? Love the new basket work. I can’t believe the rods are metal!!! I am very spoilt with our rubbish collection. A 2 second wheelie down the drive, and even then my neighbour often does it for me.

    1. Fascinating article, I had no idea there were so many lady “beetles”. I think I knew that these were Asian ladybugs…I’m sensing a theme around here…invasive: Asian ladybugs, Japanese stilt grass, Asian horned beetle, Japanese honeysuckle, Asian stink bug…hmmmm.
      Thanks for the compliment on my basket.

      1. I think we may have invasive Japanese honeysuckle here. And we certainly have imported ladybugs but I don’t think any of them are considered invasive, yet! We have, I discover, at least one native ladybug, and, also, a very interesting non-native, steely blue ladybug! Other random facts; ladybugs can live one to two years and one type of ladybug has a very high rate of ladybug sexually transmitted disease. Sorry, to blast you with ladybugs; just found it all very exciting 🙂

          1. LOL! But back to baskets; one of the things I loved about our time in Botswana were the baskets. I have a couple but, in the attic, since the earthquakes. Not that they are breakable but so much got stuffed away after the earthquakes. I have this poster and I love it. But, oh my gosh, people want to sell it for $89!!

          2. I have the poster on the wall but to get the baskets from the attic will require an expedition on par with your taking the rubbish out and then some!

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