upside down dogs

Why do dogs like to be upside down? My dogs spend a lot of their outside time propelling themselves down the hill on their back. Lucy likes to make snow dog angels. Ginger, if there is any sign that you are going to scratch her butt, will flop down and roll over, squirming in a very ecstatic way with the wildest look on her face. Sometimes she squirms so much she will end up too far away to reach.

My friend Melinda’s dog has been particularly itchy lately, that could explain this:

no words needed
no words needed

Gypsy makes some pretty interesting sounds as she takes care of her upside down scratching needs. It is impossible not to be distracted by this animal enjoying her upside down moment.

My dog, Ginger, on the other hand, is the happiest at this time of year. Why? Well, she loves leaf piles. There have been lots of pictures and videos of dogs in leaf piles (specifically one with a husky) but I always anticipate the pleasure we both get from even the smallest pile of leaves. The maple tree in the yard takes forever to lose its leaves but when it does, I start early and rake often so that Ginger and I can enjoy the pile as long as possible. The saddest day for her is when the chipper/shredder comes out and the piles go away.

This is why I like raking in the fall:

Ginger's reaction to a leaf pile
Ginger’s reaction to a leaf pile
nap time
nap time

What a happy, upside-down-goof-ball. And what a great grin I have on my face.

P.S. Yes, I have been known to join her in the leaf pile. Looking at the sky from a pile of leaves is an experience that everyone should have. For some reason, everything looks, smells and sounds different.

P.P.S. Ginger is not the only leaf pile lover in our house, Lucy likes to lose her balls in them and Max the cat likes to lose himself.

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