Woo hoo! My body was telling me it was time to go work out and I really wanted to get this post written before I left…imagine how pleased I was to see that because of the time change this weekend, my body was WRONG!!! I have a whole hour to play!

I thought I would add my offerings of the ubiquitous autumn pictures to the plethora of reds and oranges and yellows that I am finding on people’s posts. This year’s colors are beautiful, although this area never has such drop dead all-around-everywhere-you-look fall colors like my home town in Connecticut does. Every year I must be grateful for the more subtle pockets of beauty I find around the house and as I am driving. That doesn’t mean that there is nothing to take pictures of, on the contrary, in a way it makes it easier. I just head out to the flaming red oak tree or try to catch the yellow gingko…which I still have to do. It’s on my list.

The first picture is of the hill opposite our house as the sun is setting. I always stop what I am doing for a brief moment throughout the year when the light hits the hill like this but at this time of year, the yellows and oranges seem even more pronounced and luscious. Oh, and it reminds me a little bit of how Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) looks at sunset.

sunset glow on the hill
sunset glow on the hill

The rest of the pictures came from an oak tree. I decided to get close to show the different colors that make up this particular tree’s palette: Red, Orange/Brown, Yellow/Green and Orange/Green. When the picture is this close, the imagination can fill in the missing parts.

red orange/brown yellow orange green

2 thoughts on “autumn

  1. I don’t really have a good understanding of ‘burnished gold’ but I think your autumn scenes may be that colour. I like to think so because burnished gold always sounds so lovely.

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