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Okay, it’s official, the musk ox (Tundra) has won Best in Show, Other Materials in the Mankato, MN City Walk sculpture tour. What an honor! I am so grateful to the powers that be in Mankato as well as all the residents of that fair city.

in Mankato, MN
in Mankato, MN

In other news, I am almost done with woven vessel number three, and I thought I would post a sneak peek at what it’s gonna look like.

lots of texture
lots of texture

And finally, I was reading an article about some graffiti artists who went to the Gulag Heights between Israel and Syria (a no man’s land that Israel has annexed but remains a battle ground between the two countries). What caught my eye was this picture done by the graffiti artist Chemis.  She is about nine or ten feet tall and was painted on the side of a hospital wall.

little girl
little girl

It is no secret that I love good graffiti art. I know there are many who deem it ugly, a nuisance and a crime, but I love seeing how these guys can use walls as their canvas and spray paint as their medium. I use spray paint on my sculptures and it is incredibly difficult to be precise with it. These guys take graffiti to a whole new level.

Here is a video showing Chemis working on a piece. I find it fascinating. You can also check out his face book page which has lots of pictures of his work.

13 thoughts on “news news news

          1. Hahaha…I love art for that very reason…the tactile part makes it meld for me..i always get agitated in art galleries when I want to touch the paintings and feel the nature of them and I can’t 😦

          2. Me too. My new woven vessels are even more tactile! I keep touching them, even though I’m sure I’m making them dirty. One of the perks of being the artist.

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