Happy day

Tomorrow is our annual day for eating too much white food. Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls and stuffing plus any food that can add some color to the table; squash, green veggies and cranberry sauce will all be decimated tomorrow evening amidst a chorus of gratitude. It is a tradition where there is supposed to be too much food to eat, bellies are supposed to be full and, if your family is like mine, too much wine is supposed to be drunk.

At times I think it sounds perfectly hideous, the only thing that saves it for me is that I absolutely love Thanksgiving dinner. It is full of some of the best comfort food around. If I’m feeling out of sorts, there’s nothing like this meal to cheer me up and make me feel safe and comforted. (I speak, of course, as a full fledged meat eater, I know there are many people who would find this meal revolting for one reason or another. But hey, this is my blog and I can write what I think about life right???)

This year is especially exciting as we are hosting the dinner for the first time in years. We have been going to my husband’s uncle’s house for the past ten years or so and celebrating it with an ever-changing number of people. The meal has always been delicious and plentiful. This year it will be outstanding and we will have control of the leftovers (nothing like a turkey sandwich the next day). Mister S. has already started cooking (if you looked in the fridge you would see the chocolate moose) and is soooo happy.  

Happy Mr. S. working on slicing bread for an appetizer.
Happy Mr. S. working on slicing bread for an appetizer.

Another reason we are excited is that we renovated our kitchen last year and now have double wall ovens, a gas stove and lots of counter space. Since my husband is a trained pastry chef, this has taken away lots of the grumbling and complaining about cooking at home without a walk-in freezer, a human sized mixer and several ovens. Mr. S. has been scouring his cookbooks, the TV and the internet for all the new ways to cook a turkey…a labor of love, according to him.

I am particularly excited because once again, I don’t have to worry about dressing a turkey which I know nothing about and concentrate on dressing the table. 

And finally, Lucy is happy because she gets a treat.

the dog as ghost
the dog as ghost
give it to meeeeeee.
give it to meeeeeee.

I don’t know if happiness is the same as gratitude but if it is, then I am full of gratitude this year. Not all years have been so blessed so I am savoring this one a LOT. My heart goes out to others who are not in a place of gratitude or have the ability to be happy this Thanksgiving and I hope that things change for them and soon.

Happy Thanksgiving to the world.

8 thoughts on “Happy day

  1. We don’t celebrate Thankgiving down under but it doesn’t stop me being thankful..i am with you..more of our years have been hard than good so the good ones are always more appreciated! and as for hubby ..well the kitchen reno here was the best thing ever for me too. I am no pro but food is my thing :0 so double wall ovens big gas cooktop giant fridge and big well planned pantry was a must!! i won’t even go there with the cookbook collection…which i had insured separately hahahaaha…i hope your day is full of love laughter and family and friends Happy Thanksgiving to you all…and love the pics 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

    1. Yes, we have a built in cookbook book shelf. I still need to do an extra built in pantry going down the stairs to the basement, but we have enough room for food since there is only two of us. It’s a good thing my husband can cook, I love to eat but am perplexed by the whole cooking thing…although I’m getting better at it.

      1. Oh no surely not perplexed!!! we bought this house two years ago and the kitchen…oh what a horror!! one tiny oven that my big Chasseur pots wouldn’t fit in and gas..much prefer electric for ovens and gas for cookers..so it had to go..wasted pantry with a dance floor almost but no shelving..i think I developed a twitch hahaah 🙂 I have an old ladder that was my grandpas and that is used as one shelf for cookbooks..have a peek at my craft page on my fozzie blog I think I have a pick..but the rest..fill a double wardrobe..still trying to work out a good way to have them ..I keep sneaking more in hahahah..there is just us two now also but I still cook heaps…we are working on an area we want in the barn which will be sealed off like a pantry for preserves etc..if I had my way we would have a smokehouse to….sheesh.. 🙂

  2. Yes, perplexed. It is intimidating to be in a kitchen with a pro, when I am perfectly happy throwing things in a pan without rhyme or reason. It sounds like your reno was a wonderful thing and I can see that you are a collector of cook books. I decided long ago that I was never going to can anything, that requires too much precision and chemistry for my little artist’s brain.

  3. How wonderful to have a husband who is a trained pastry chef! I just moved to the U.S. a few years ago and my favorite part of Thanksgiving, besides the gathering together of friends and family, is the dessert (pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie in particular).

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with plenty of leftovers!

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