I’m sitting here two days after Thanksgiving and I figured it was time to post something. The problem is that I don’t have much in my brain right now so I am just going to start rambling. You have my permission to find another blog to read, something that is witty, colorful and full of interesting information.

I just finished with my daily French lesson. I think learning French is my lifetime educational experience. Perhaps by the time I die I will be able to sit in a café in Paris and eavesdrop. I have been attempting to become fluent in French since I was in high school but have not yet been successful. Hey, that’s only 30 something years that I’ve been trying. Right now, though, I am excited because my sister has turned me on to Duolingo, a computer game designed for people who want to learn a language. Actually, I think it’s easier to RE-learn French using this game, I don’t know how successful I would be if this were my first time looking at the language.

My sister is trying to get fluent in Spanish because she is working in a school and finds herself being asked to translate for children who have just arrived in this country. She has always been good at languages and word games and finds Duolingo really helpful. What helps me is knowing that she and I are working together in our respective languages to increase our scores, which we can monitor with this game. While I don’t think it’s going to make me converse like a native, I do notice that I am learning and remembering things and that is exciting. Sometimes I feel like I am unable to retain anything else in my brain for even one minute, let alone for days. But I can now remember the word for monkey (singe) and…okay that’s pretty much it. 🙂 (no, not really).

Anyway, I am enjoying the challenge and thinking about when I will take an immersion class in France. Not this year probably, I have a lot on my plate. I am busy in the studio making the spines for some new vessels and continuing to work on the second section of the ribbon piece. Okay, there’s a subject I’ve been wanting to bring up. When I first started making my new sculptures I called them baskets because I weave them. Then I realized that basket is not a good description of them because that immediately makes one think of something that can hold or carry food, etc. So then I started calling them woven vessels. That seems awkward to me though. I am just not sure of what to call these delightful creations. Any thoughts? (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, skip on over to my website www.virginiasperry.com and look at the first three sculptures under “smaller works”.

Okay, my fingers are too cold to continue typing…thanks for listening to my rambles.

Au revoir et à demain! (ou peut-être le prochain jour). I will leave you with two pictures that I took years ago on a magical trip through France with a bunch of women. The Pompidou in Paris and  Mont St. Michel are two of my favorite places in France!.

Paris through the door of the Pompidou
Paris through the door of the Pompidou

4 thoughts on “rambling

  1. How lovely that you take French lessons. When you’re ready, we can write to each other in French! (I’m originally from Paris). I love the photos too. À bientôt!

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