one year

I got a notification today that said I have been blogging on WordPress for a year. This totally snuck up on me, but I suppose I need to acknowledge this milestone.

One year ago I was reading a friend’s blog on politics and I thought, “You know, I have a lot of stuff to say, maybe I should finally try one of these.” So I looked at WordPress and realized that it was pretty easy to set up a blog. It didn’t take long to figure out what I wanted to say and what picture to put with it. I hit “Publish” and then WHAM! in less time than it took to say the name of my blog, the little star in the menu glowed orange! SOMEONE LIKES ME!!! It was pretty stunning how quickly someone had read my post and responded to it. I was hooked on the magic of the internet.

Since then I have written 141 (now 142) posts and have connected (sometimes very briefly) with people from 50 countries. I am not going to win any awards for the amount of followers or commenters and I have only one blog award to my name but quite honestly, that’s not why I do it. I will add my voice to those before me who have marveled at the connections made with some really wonderful people, a handful of whom I rely on to let me know that my words and images are pleasing or making them smile or touching a spot somewhere inside of them. I have also increased my knowledge of the world and what it’s like to live in different countries, as well as finding out more stuff about, well, stuff. It’s been a lot of fun.

This blog is just one of the tools I have used to come back to the world in the last year. I wasn’t sure how long I would continue writing it but it seems to be a good fit. I still enjoy posting, taking pictures, writing my thoughts and seeing the orange star lit up so I guess I’ll continue…just not this weekend as I’m off (once again) to the great white north (I.e. Connecticut).

Thanks for reading and see you in a few days!!!

I will leave you with a photo of Ginger from my archives…it sort of matches the way I feel about traveling to CT…

I use to fit on a stair.
Wait, why don’t I fit on a stair anymore???

13 thoughts on “one year

  1. Happy Blog Birthday! Candles and cake to you, if that is what you would like πŸ™‚ Cute Ginger; I feel like that about a lot of things, and my proportions certainly don’t fit as well on the stairs as they did a year ago.

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