Sometimes it is a struggle to capture the art in my daily life. I looked out the window at one point on this snowy day and saw that the snow, due to the prevailing winds, was catching in the diamonds of the lattice work on the side of the porch. I went out three different times to try to capture it and was unable to get a decent picture. I got lots of lousy ones, blurry, dark, and showing things I didn’t want to show and couldn’t crop out. I will post the one mediocre one just as a reminder of how difficult it is to take photos…especially if you forget to check your settings and your focus mode…sigh. Maybe tomorrow will be easier.

In my defense, it is a dark, gray day. Daylight is a photographer’s friend sometimes.

through the lattice and beyond
through the lattice and beyond

8 thoughts on “struggle

  1. I think for someone who has spent the weekend in stinking heat on hands and knees pulling renegade weeds in prep for the xmas onslaught…this picture has bought me a lovely window to a world I dream of for this time of year…not to mention my life long obsession with lattice windows…thankyou have cooled me down and made me smile…I myself have been up a gumtree fiddling with the focus and zoom and staring face to face with a beautiful roo…the picture is also not the best because I did not expect him to be so close…dang…Hugs Fozziemum xx

    1. I can’t wait to see your picture. I’m going to have to look gum trees up to see what they look like, we don’t have them here. Nor do we have roos, but I know what they look like. 🙂
      Glad I could give you a moment’s relief from your hot weather.

      1. Hehe yes roos are pretty well known ..gum trees are beautiful..tall different barks and flowers ..we have protected ones here due to gold mining years ago in the begnnings of Australia as such…they denude the land looking for ours now are to be kept safe…we have whitebox which is the main one and yellow box also not the types Koalas like though 🙂 also some redgum …:) and yes relief from the heat is great!!

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