confession of an artist

Yes, I have a confession to make. I absolutely detest wrapping presents. I missed out on Gift Wrapping 101. Somehow I was sick that day. Fortunately, I don’t come face to face with this deficiency very often but needless to say, this is the one time of year where it is glaringly apparent.

When I owned a craft gallery, I was forced to find ways to joke about my lack of expertise on a daily basis so that I could alleviate my embarrassment. Tissue paper was my nemesis. I despised having to create crafty ways of shoving an item into a bag and putting ribbons on it. Invariably I tore a corner of my wrapping, or taped my finger to the paper.

The ironic thing is that my husband is an amazing present wrapper. He delights in cutting paper and taping it together in a precise and clean way. Hand him a package of bows and he is in seventh heaven. Unfortunately, there is a pile of presents for him on the floor beside me waiting to be wrapped and somehow it seems a bit rude to ask him to wrap his own presents. It’s bad enough that he picked some of them out.

So I will sit on the floor with my scissors and tape and attempt to wrap his gifts in a presentable manner and then hide them under the tree so that it looks festive. He really won’t care what they look like…as long as he gets to rip the paper off to see what’s inside. (Have I mentioned that he’s really a nine-year-old with a driver’s license?)


In the meantime, Happy Winter Solstice for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere (and Happy Summer Solstice to those of you who are under the equator). I delight in knowing that we have had the shortest day and I have survived it once again. Sweet!



3 thoughts on “confession of an artist

  1. Having spent the entire afternoon frustrating myself with wrapping paper and tape, I feel your pain! I hardly ever wrap presents and my fingers were being so clumsy….arrrgh. A few more to go and then it will all be over for another year 🙂

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