orange sunday

There is an orange in our kitchen that has been abused. Don’t feel sorry for it though, it has sacrificed it’s skin for culinary greatness…or at least culinary experimentation. On Wednesday I played with the funny little tool that takes strips off of citrus. I was hoping to get cool orange peel curls to put in the really yummy Christmas cocktails I made for a bunch of friends. Alas, I need to buy a whole bunch of oranges to really get this technique down.

Yesterday, my husband, in the search for citrus to put in his pâte sucré for some fruit tarts that he is making for Christmas, spied the half-skinned orange and, lacking any other volunteer, began to remove the zest with a grater. The orange has sat there naked for two days. I will eat it soon, but before I do, I wanted to take a picture of it because, well, I’m me. I thought it was fascinating to look at the texture of a skinned orange. What do you think?

*Update* Please read the first comment on this post by Gallivanta. I did not know about the United Nation’s “Orange Day” but I think I will find something orange to wear on Christmas in order to lend a voice to this day.



3 thoughts on “orange sunday

  1. Intriguing! I have various tools for getting the zest off oranges. My favourite is my microplane although that’s not very appropriate zest for a cocktail. Did you know this”The Secretary General’s Campaign UNITE to End Violence Against Women has proclaimed the 25th of each month Orange Day. Among other actions, the Orange Day invites us to wear something orange to highlight its calls for the eradication of violence against women without reservation, equivocation or delay.” That’s where I thought your post was going when I read your first sentence 🙂 I am glad it was more cheerful than that but you did make me stop and think. Don’t know about your community but domestic violence usually increases in this city around the holiday season 😦

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