New Year’s Eve on Useless Bay

Useless Bay. What a great name. It is only useless because it can’t be used by humans except as a great place to walk. The water is too shallow for boating and the winds are too rough for anything else.  But on this bay is the Double Bluff Beach and Dog Park. It’s the perfect place to hang out for a morning, walking the beach, seeing eagles, laughing at the dogs running, making a driftwood sculpture, and looking at Point No Point. Sounds a bit like a novel doesn’t it?

You will find Useless Bay on the southwest side of Whidbey Island which is northwest of Seattle, WA. It looks across the water at the Olympic Peninsula. On a clear day, you can see views of mountains. So far, the weather has been pretty gray. No worries, it is still beautiful. I will have more pix when I get home, I seem to have forgotten the right cord to plug my camera into my laptop, which is so old it is not equipped with a memory card slot. Sigh. So this picture was taken with my iPhone.

I wanted to go down to this beach with my husband and walk up the coast while taking the time to look back at this past year and think about what we want to do next year. It is a tradition that we started several years ago and it was pretty magical to be able to do it on a cool beach in the Pacific Northwest.

So on that note, I send you awesome New Year’s wishes…May 2014 be whatever you need it to be and more.

Useless Bay
Useless Bay

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