story of a trip

Chapter One.


Wait, wasn’t the trip from Baltimore to Seattle?

Well, yes, of course. But one must stop somewhere in the middle of the country and Milwaukee is just as good as any other airport in the middle of winter, isn’t it?

Looking at the Departures monitor as we entered the airport from our plane told us that we had more time in Milwaukee than we had planned. Instead of three hours, we had four. Okaaaaay, so let’s go to the main terminal and hang out for a bit.

milwaukee airport
milwaukee airport

Wait, is that a ping pong table???

Sweet. Haven’t played ping pong since I was a kid. My grandmother had one in the basement. If you hit the ball just right it would go up in the rafters, knock around a little bit (fluh duh duh duh duh duh) and fall back onto the table in time to be hit across the net. This table did not have that luxury and we had to avoid hitting other passengers, some who got into the action by throwing the ball back to us and others who were not amused to have a ping pong ball rolling under their luggage. (Spoilsports)

This diversion left us with smiles on our faces and three and half hours to go.

see? smiles!
see? smiles!

What else do you do in Milwaukee? Think Wisconsin, think cheese. Even the little packages of string cheese are amazing.

An aviation museum, a couple of times outside to smoke a cigarette vicariously through R. and reading a book and we managed to while away the time. By the time we were about to board, the sun was setting. It shone across the ceiling in a cool way.

ceiling and sunset
ceiling and sunset

And then, after we were seated on the plane, we had a chance to take this picture.


And finally, as we were climbing up to the clouds, this picture screamed to be taken. (Please excuse the blurriness of the ground, the airplane just would NOT hold still!)

buh bye
buh bye

3 thoughts on “story of a trip

  1. Ping Pong..ah a blast from the past! love it…pity some peeps were ping pong unamused…could have started a ping pong wave!….call me juvenile..the shots are great and I love the sunset :)…ahhh aren’t holidays fab….;)

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