odds and ends

Story of a Trip

Chapter 9: Odds and Ends

If you’ve been following this story, you know I’ve written and shown pictures of wood in various forms, crowrainforest, city, water…now it’s time to close the story with odds and ends from my photo library.

The real reason for the trip was to attend a graduation party for my niece. She majored in Japanese and wants to move to Japan sometime in the near future. We are all incredibly proud of her. This was her cake. The kanji says Congratulations as well.


I’m always intrigued by how organizations or municipalities make sure that people know who donated money for certain projects. Here are two solutions, one at the bottom of the sculpture park in Seattle, and one on an arbor in Langley on Whidbey Island. I personally like the blue glass choice myself. (You might have to magnify the second picture to really see the names.)

in honor of...in stainless
in honor of…in stainless
in honor of...in blue
in honor of…in blue

I met a friend I haven’t seen in over 30 years in Coupeville…and that’s where I saw this sign.

yup, in that case I'll be a nice person.
yup, in that case I’ll be a nice person.

For New Year’s, my husband and I walked Useless Bay and talked about what happened in 2013 and what we want to happen in 2014. Here are some pix from that day.

sands of time
sands of time
lion's mane jellyfish
lion’s mane jellyfish
double bluff with visitor
double bluff with strongman
I love this light
I love this light

This next picture was taken down the road from my sister’s house. She is always reminded of Scotland when she walks by this view.

through the fence
through the fence

And finally, two more shots from my brother’s house. He moved in to the house at the end of the summer but it came equipped with it’s own slightly tilted purple ball on a pedestal and a fenced-in garden. He’s got his work cut out for him, but at least he has a beautiful venue!

through the garden gate
through the garden gate

Thanks for reading my story of a trip to Seattle and Whidbey Island…I have some great posts scheduled after a short break to catch my breath!


The End.



8 thoughts on “odds and ends

  1. Wonderful pictures and story 🙂 funny going through some pics today here..of jellyfish,sand patterns,beach rocks,and rusty wire and fence posts…we must have the same minds eye for a pic 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

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