geese and hawks

The other day I was outside and heard geese flying. I decided to take a picture of them. Can you see them?


Thought not, I couldn’t either. but I could hear them clearly. They literally flew over my head.

As I was walking to my studio, I heard the water rushing in the stream at the bottom of the hill. Went down and took this picture of the pasture behind our land.

can't see much
can’t see much

Yup, it was reallllllly foggy that day. I watched the stream for a while. On my way back to the studio, I heard a hawk. Once more, I got out my iPhone and snapped a picture.  Can you see it?


Thought not. But it was there. Promise.



8 thoughts on “geese and hawks

  1. Great shots..but I do think the hawk is in the last pic…the centre tree if you look at the secone tree to the left is that the hawk leaning in against the trunk? I have a shot here from a tree and I thought I missed it too but the hawk was standing on the branch leaning against the tree…it’s like where’s wally 😉 hugs Fozziemum xx

  2. Okay girls, I will not argue, if you want it to be a hawk, then it is a hawk. I went back and reviewed the original picture in detail and the results are inconclusive. I must say I’ve never seen a hawk lean against a tree trunk before!

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