Before I get to today’s post, an addendum to yesterday’s picture of the hawk. I claimed that I couldn’t see the hawk for the fog. However, my dear followers fozziemum and Gallivanta have disagreed (politely) with my assertion. They both think that there is a hawk showing up leaning next to the tree that is to the left of the center one. I have spent some time with the original and blew it up as much as I could and the the results are…inconclusive. So for those of you who see a hawk…GREAT! I think I will say there is a hawk there and be done with it…it’s more exciting that way!

close up...can you see it?
close up…can you see it?

So, on to today’s post. I thought I would bring the sunshine back into your life. And I can definitely see the cat in these pictures.

this is a good place for me.
this is a good place for me.

6 thoughts on “cat

  1. Hahahaah so sorry you had to biggen your pic and go looking hahahah I must dig out the one I have from here..when I finally spotted it I was amazed at how well hidden the hawk was…I hope it is ..adds excitement….hahahah but kitty is very clear šŸ™‚ have a great day hugs Fozziemum xx

    1. they are good at it aren’t they? With the weather getting really cold, I am getting good at it too, my reading chair is in the sun around 1:00 and I find it difficult not to curl up with a book and rest my eyes.

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